The Calibre Product Mix


Thread Plugs (Plug Thread Gauge)
A screw is the best known element of a machine, although the screw thread is one of the most complicated profiles.
In order to assure correct functioning, great importance needs to be attached to thread check.

We are the producer of those thread limit gauges needed for this procedure in form of a thread plug or thread ring.

You will find the current scale of delivery of standardized threads in our price list.  Please feel free to contact us unter 0049-(0)6021-7811-0 to request a complete list.

If you don’t find a thread according to your needs don’t hesitate to ask for specifications.  We should be able to produce it for you.

We are able to meet the following requirements:

right hand threads /
left hand threads
special dimensions
special tolerances
multiple threads
special handles
different qualities
spoil channel
intermediate sizes
flexible inscriptionsg


Taper Gauge
A tolerance step or mark is being brought on.  The diameter tolerance is being converted to the length by means of the angle of taper.


Multiple Spline Gauge ( DIN ISO 14, DIN 5464, 5471, 5472 )
These gauges correspond to Taylor’s principles:  go-gauging of the complete work piece profiles – NOT GO gauging of the profile details.


Further information can be obtained from our joint company pamphlet.