Airtronic-Electronic-Pneumatic Measuring System

Simplify your production and incoming inspection by means of electronic-pneumatic tools and indicator column.


Measuring Principles
Electronic pneumatic measuring is part of contactless measuring procedures.  Through this you are able to measure parts without damage and with the least possible error rate, oil-free compressed air is the medium being used for operation.
Compressed air steams through measuring nozzles.  Based on the distance of the part to be measured, impact pressure, depending on the distance is being caused in the supply line.
This impact pressure is being taken up by a pressure gauge element and being measured. At the same time the air volume is being measured.
Those results are being connected to comprehensible values in the indicator column and being plotted by means of digital and LED indicator.


Achievable Precision
Inner and outer profiles, even and round surfaces, can be measured by means of electronic-pneumatic measuring systems.  This can be done in a measurable tolerance range of 0,2mm (precision 0,002mm) up to 0,01mm (precision 0,0001mm).

The Column

The Airtronic air measurement column has permanently been developed further in order to link the advantage of pneumatic measuring techniques with the statistical output which is controlled by micro-chip.
Compatibility with most of the other pneumatic measuring systems of other producers (i.e. pneumatic snap gauges or pneumatic measuring rings or plugs) is possible in most cases.

All functions of the measuring column can be reached by means of the integrated menu and an easy operatable keypad.
Single functions (i.e. calibration, definition of the measuring display or definition of measuring range) are actively requested through the menu.
Measuring column can naturally be changed from mm to inch.

One RS232 and one RS485 interface are used as data output.  Therefore it is easy to further divulge and treat data.


Further information can be obtained from our airtronic pamphlet.